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720 skateboard game 720
Skate your way around the park while dodging kamikaze cars, crazy thugs and killer bees in the NES version of this arcade classic.

Category: Skateboard Games

All Star Skate Park All Star Skate Park
Go up and down the skateramp. Gain speed on the ramp and release the spacebar when you wanna jump. Timing must be just right for high jumps. Pull of more tricks and jump combinations to score points.
Category: Skateboard Games

Barts Naked Skate Barts Naked Skate
Stay in front of the police car for as long as possible. Collect JUMP POWER by skating over items and by jumping in front of people.

Category: Skateboard Games

California Beach Skateboarding 2 California Beach Skateboarding 2
This game is horrible, but you really need to see it. In California Beach Skateboarding 2, you first off choose between two skaters to play as: Eddie Murphy or Saddam. Seriously. Then, your skater rides along very slowly, while you push different keys to make him ollie and do tricks. All this set to glorious elevator music.
Category: Skateboard Games

Downhill Jam Downhill Jam
Do you dare to ride a skateboard along a road downhill without crashing into cars, pavements and other obstacles and cross the finish line safely? This 3D game with realistic environment gives you an opportunity to take up this adventurous but risky journey.Jump off the ramps and collect the bonus items along the way to gain points. Try to reach the finish line as soon as possible to score the maximum points.
Category: Skateboard Games

Extreme Skate Extreme Skate
The aim is to negotiate through the course. Avoid dangerous obstacles. Be sure to reach each checkpoint in time before you are caught. Master all 3 Levels to gain x-treme status.

Category: Skateboard Games

Extreme Taz Skateboard Halfpipe Extreme Taz Skateboard Halfpipe
Can you tame the Half Pipe and beat the competition? Use Spacebar and Arrow Keys to pull tricks.
Category: Skateboard Games

Gecko Skateboarding Gecko Skateboarding
Skateboard on each of the three levels accomplishing certain moves to pass to the next level.

Category: Skateboard Games

Glowmonkey Skateboarding Glowmonkey Skateboarding
Easy but fun skateboarding game. Avoid obstacles, collect the bananas and do aerial tricks.
Category: Skateboard Games

Glowmonkey Street Sk8 Glowmonkey Street Sk8
This is the same as gecko skateboarding excecpt you a monkey and there is more levels. Ride your skateboard on the streets of 5 major cities around the world. Complete tricks to advance levels.

Category: Skateboard Games

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